3 Sewing Hacks to Save Your Sanity

I don’t think I’m the only one who didn’t spend a lot of time reading my sewing machine’s manual before turning the beast on. I just couldn’t wait to start sewing and I figured I’d address each issue as it came up. For the most part that method has worked, but often times I find myself turning to the internet to google search what could be going wrong. Now, the internet can be overwhelming with all of its information, so its natural that I do get side tracked. In being side tracked, I found some pretty awesome sewing “hacks” I thought I’d share with you all!

One of the first hacks is something that really touches base at my house. I have a starter sewing machine my husband bought at Walmart, I had no idea of all the bells and whistles it was missing until going to Jennifer’s house! Sadly, one of the more basic things my sewing machine is missing is seam allowance measurements on the needle plate. Yes, I could measure it out and mark with a marker, or I could use rubber bands!

rubber band

Another hack that relates to myself and my sewing situation is using freezer paper to cut patterns. You can find freezer paper in your grocery store near the aluminum foil and plastic baggies. How does this help? I’ll show you!

freezer paper 1

Pull out a large piece of freezer paper and lay it on top of your pattern, paper side up.

freezer paper 2

The next step is tracing your pattern and markings onto your freezer paper and cutting it out with PAPER scissors, that part is very important. You don’t want to dull your fabric scissors with paper of any kind, ever!

freezer paper 3

Now iron the freezer paper pattern onto your fabric, paper side up.

freezer paper 4

Proceed with cutting out your fabric pieces.

freezer paper 5

Once done, peel off the freezer paper and tuck away to use again and again!

freezer paper 6

The last hack I have to share with you guys is one of convenience and ingenuity. I don’t have an acrylic ruler for measuring hem lines so I often use a regular wooden ruler. Holding this wooden ruler the whole time at the perfect measurement and my fabric and iron is tricky for sure. Having a pre-marked hem guide is a frustration saver for me.

What I did was take a folder or other piece of thick card stock paper and measured 1/2 inch and 1 inch markers along the bottom edge.


I connected the lines like so.


Now all I need to do when hemming is line up the edge of the fabric to the line measurement I need and press away!


Are there any sewing hacks you guys use that you’d like to share? If so leave them in the comments!




12 Responses to “3 Sewing Hacks to Save Your Sanity”

  1. What great tips! Thanks so much for posting! I’m a total sewing newbie and I will use all three of these 😀

  2. Love these! Thank you sooooooo much. especially the hem measurement. I think you know just how much time you have now saved me… Love you!

  3. I do this, measure on cardboard also for pleats – I use Duct tape, or another tape that is heat resistant for my folds. It made my life a lot easier

  4. This post is so amazingly helpful. Thank you!!

  5. The first tip is brilliant. Cheaper than buying a magnet guide like I did. But I will be replacing it with a rubber band now! Thanks a bunch!

  6. When measuring for seam allowance on the sewing machine, do you measure from the needle or from the outside of the foot? Newbie and never sewn more than a pad!

  7. The rubber band idea is my life safer, why didnt I think of that😂

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