Merryweather Pattern Release

StitchJunkies! It’s been a while, as we all know life can get busy and with the holiday season life gets even more busy. Thankfully figuring out what to wear for each family gathering and New Year’s party won’t be something you’re preoccupied with!

Merryweather, V Neck, Loose Fit

The Merryweather Pattern is the perfect addition to your wardrobe right in time for those cherished (or dreaded) family gatherings 🙂 I can’t be the only one with a combination of those feelings, right? With two shirt-length body widths and an extra width for the tunic and dress length, the Merryweather pattern is perfectly flattering to every body shape and makes sure to hug you where you need while being kind to problem areas. This pattern features an optional color blocked bodice line that really brings the eyes up and creates a great silhouette.

I know, I know, details right? The Merryweather pattern is full of options! Need the perfect T-shirt for lounging and casual wear, this pattern includes it.


Need a shirt that is dressy but not overdressed? The 3/4 length sleeve and tunic option adds elegance to any outfit without too much flare.


These options are great for this warmer than usual winter we are having so far, but what about the cold impending winter we all know is coming? There is a long sleeve option in the pattern as well!


Love leggings or your newly made Goldilegs? Pair them with the dress option that’s also featured in the pattern for another cold-weather option. Or go bare-legged if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate.

Merryweather, V Neck, Dress Length

Even more details? Of course! You have the ability to sync up the perfect garment for your taste and body type by choosing between cuffs or hemming on the sleeves and choosing between the three neckline options. The neckline options of Merryweather are probably my favorite variations in the pattern! You can choose a round neckline, a v-neck, or my favorite, the folded over turtleneck. Each of these options can really add the perfect touch to your garment!


So what are you waiting for, grab your copy of the Merryweather Pattern (at 25% off through 12/15/15 using the code merryweather25) and really bring in the new year looking and more importantly feeling great! Don’t forget to sew it and show it in our Facebook Chat!


88 Responses to “Merryweather Pattern Release”

  1. My favorite option is the long sleeves with the cuffs! Its nice to know that even with my babies, my sleeves wont get dragged in yogurt, pudding, etc, because I can keep them tight on my wrists!

  2. I really like the fold over turtle neck option!

  3. I love the dress option!

  4. I love the dress option!!!

  5. I love the color block dress option! I need somethinc new to wear to church.

  6. The color blocking option, and the turtle neck are my favorite options!

  7. I love the color blocking option for this pattern, so many choices!!

  8. I Love the 2 fabric option with the turtleneck! It’s so versatile!

  9. I absolutely love the fold-over neckline! This pattern has tons of options.

  10. Love all the different options for finishing! I would start with a tunic length 3/4 sleeves and a rounded neck, but that’s just the start of course

  11. I’m so excited to try out all the options!

  12. I love the neckline options! Makes it a really versatile pattern.

  13. My favorite option is the turtleneck as I spend lots of time in a hockey rink and it gives me an option to stay warm without getting overheated.

  14. I love the interesting color blocking and the V-neck options!!

  15. I love the 3/4 sleeve tunic option!

  16. I like the color blocked tunic!

  17. I love the color blocking!!

  18. I am looking forward to creating the dress option and I know it will be my favorite ever. I have made the round neck, long sleeve version already and it was so very easy!

  19. Love the long sleeves and the option to extend it to tunic or dress!

  20. I love the long sleeve with v neck loose fit 😍 Such beautiful patterns

  21. I love the long sleeve turtleneck option! What an awesome pattern. 🙂

  22. I love all the neckline options!

  23. I love all the options and the color blocking!
    My favorite is the tunic length with the 3/4 sleeves!

  24. I like the color blocking on the dress- adds a nice detail! I also appreciate having two widths to choose from.

  25. I love the turtleneck option!

  26. I think my favorite length is tunic and I love the fold over neckline, it’s just a little intimidating thinking about sewing it, but I’m sure step by step it will be fine.

  27. Love the lay out of this pattern

  28. I would love to try the tunic length with 3/4 sleeves. Live the color blocking!

  29. I love the dress option

  30. Love the color block dress!!

  31. I love the long sleeve and colour blocking with the slimmer fit option.

  32. Love the short sleeve t-shirt with tunic option!

  33. I love the fitted, long sleeve, turtleneck option!

  34. I love the options on the necklines! I don’t like things too close to my neck so the v neck would be a fave here.

  35. Long sleeve, round neckline, tunic option would be what I would love to make!

  36. My fav option is the dress with folded over turtle neck collar! Love this one!

  37. My fav pattern would be this one or beanstalk britches, I have almost all the others!

  38. I love 3/4 sleeves and I’m intrigued by the turtleneck – I think that would look good on me, if the sewing isn’t too difficult! All the pictures in this post are great! Love what people have done with it.

  39. My fav option is the color blocking!!!!

  40. I love the color blocking, I just saw shirt recently and was thinking I need to figure out how to make one. You saved me a bunch of time.

  41. I love that there is several length options all the way up to a dress!

  42. My favorite options would have to be vneck, long sleeve, tunic length, and loose style (nobody wants to see my fluffy midsection!)

  43. I love them all but am partial to the LS shirt and dress with asymmetrical collar. So many options!

  44. I really like the look of the fold over neck and the color blocking!

  45. I like the tunic option!

  46. I like the colour blocking option in the dress.

  47. I love the fold over turtle neck option!

  48. The dress option is adorable!!

  49. Love the dress option💕.

  50. I think your plaid turtleneck version is beautiful!

  51. I love the dress option and the color blocking!

  52. Love the tunic and long sleeves and color blocking, haha, I love all of them

  53. Love the color block and the 3/4 length sleeve option!

  54. Dress option is my favorite 😀

  55. I love the three quarter sleeve tunic length turtle neck with the same fabric everywhere and cuffed sleeves.

  56. V neck and 3/4 sleeves. Scrundies

  57. I love the color blocking and the collar option.

  58. I love the color blocking on this pattern.

  59. I adore the 3/4 sleeve with round neckline, it’s something that beautiful yet practical year round. I’m looking forward to being able to make flattering clothes for home and going out over holiday period.

  60. I love the folded over turtleneck!

  61. I really like the long sleeve v-neck with color blocking. Awesome pattern!

  62. 3/4 sleeve tunic length. Great look with leggings!

  63. I love the long sleeve turtle neck option.

  64. Very cute, I bought it! I’m excited to make the tunic length with color blocking.

  65. I love the fold-over turtleneck with the long-sleeves with cuffs and slim-fit dress options.

  66. I love them all but I think my favorite would be the folded over turtleneck with the color blocking on a long sleeve tunic.

  67. I love the color blocking with the v-neck option! 🙂

  68. Love the dress option!!

  69. Love the fold over neck and the dress so awesome

  70. I love the dress. I’d do it with the folded over cowl neckline and 3/4 sleeves 🙂

  71. OH! The folded over turtle neck is my absolute favorite option. I just love it!!!

  72. I love the fold over turtleneck option. Good turtlenecks are hard to find.

  73. December 15, 2015 at 10:49 am Reply

    Awesome pattern! made 6 already! I really like the color blocking option

  74. This is such a fun pattern, and SO many great options!

  75. I love all of the options!!! Having multiple sleeve options means I don’t have to buy several different shirt patterns because this will cover all seasons!

  76. I love the fold over turtle neck! That would be my first thing I’d try!

  77. This pattern is seriously my favorite! I’m working on my 6th top, this time for my daughter. They are all so different that no one even realizes it’s the same pattern. Score! Quick and easy sew, this top is the perfect staple for any wardrobe!

  78. I love all of the options, but I really want to make the long sleeve option!!! As always, AWESOME pattern!!

  79. Seriously love the fold down turtle neck option. So chic!

  80. This is a fabulous pattern with so many options. So far I’ve only made the round neck version but the next one I make will be the v neck tunic option.

  81. Favorite option is the length. I love my shirts longer.

  82. My favorite options are the dress or the turtleneck tunic length.

  83. In winter I’ll be making five of these with the 3/4 sleeve and turtleneck (so cute!). This summer, it’s all about the comfy short sleeve shirts. Maybe a dress, too.

    This pattern really is amazing.

  84. The folded over collar option is my favorite! The dress length is a close second though.

  85. Jennifer Hortilaano December 18, 2015 at 11:04 am Reply

    I love the turtleneck option with the loose fit.

  86. Where can I find the coupons for your site please?

    • Hi Joyce,
      We have the BUY3ANDSAVE25 coupon all the time for 25% off any 3 patterns. And we periodically have sales, you can join the Facebook chat group or our mailing list to receive updates.


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