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Clio Zippered Hoodie for Women

Keep yourself warm in the cozy Clio Zippered Hoodie. The roomy hood keeps you under cover even while wearing a bun, the sleeve cuffs can be worn short or long, and the seam pockets are the perfect size and super easy to add. Whether you’re an advanced beginner or above, you will enjoy sewing this hoodie as there are simple and fine finishes to choose from.

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Calista Curvy Bra Top Tunic & Dress

Calista is a feminine and sporty bra, top, tunic, and dress that can go anywhere you might go. As a bra, she can be worn alone for workouts, under your favorite t-shirt, and even under a cute peek a boo top that will show off the curves. The best part about this pattern as a top or dress is that you don’t have to wear a bra under! Slip a pair of bra cups in for modesty if you need it with no fuss worrying about what bra to wear!

Scrundlewear color block, burrito method and other tips

We are hip deep in underwear making at my house.  I love that Stitch Upon a Time has multiple variety and sizes to fit everyone and their preferences!  Today, I want to visit getting the most out of your fabric with a variation of color blocking.  We all know that undie making is terrific for […]

Ursula Leggings & Skirt

Ursula Leggings and Skirt is the mother pattern to Ariel Leggings. 

With multiple lengths and additional (yet simple!) options, you can create unlimited looks! The skirted leggings looks great as a running skirt and also an extra layer under a long shirt. The diamond panel leggings and leg warmer leggings both look great as casual pants, workout pants, and they can even be dressed up! The best part about these leggings is the waistband. The regular waistband option is contoured with hidden elastic that is just firm enough to keep the pants in place without feeling constricting. For a quick sew, we included a yoga waistband and regular legs in short, capri, and pant length.

Knits~ Take the Plunge!

Knits, you hear about them, you see them, feel them, but probably avoid using them when sewing. Im not going to lie, they have a bad wrap (see what I did there?). Too stretchy they say, impossible without a serger they scream. Im here to help you learn the tips and tricks so you can […]