Policies & FAQ

After payment has cleared, you’ll be able to download your files under the “My Account” tab.

Returns & Exchanges
Due to the digital patterns, no refunds will be offered once the file has been downloaded. If you encounter a problem with the pattern, please message me and I’ll be happy to fix and it send you a new copy. If you happen to purchase two of the same pattern, we can arrange for an exchange.

Is there a current coupon code?
We always have the coupon code, Buy3AndSave25, for 25% off any 3 patterns or more.
Which patterns have A0 printing option?
You’ll see it listed in the description of each pattern if it includes A0.
Goldilegs Jeans, Fauna Shrug, Muse Playsuit, Women’s and Girls Shirtzie, Huntsman Men’s shirt, Beauty Boatneck, Merryweather Top & Dress, Kids Scrundlewear, Aurora Kids dress, Charming Tank, Women’s and Kid’s Copenhagen Boardshorts, Jack’s and Arcadia Joggers, Bunzies, Neverland Tee, Mary Peplum, Fairytale Frock, and all other pattern made in 2017.


What does A0 mean?
A0 is a size paper that is approximately 33.1 x 46.8 in. Most print and copy shops and office stores can print this size. It means less taping for you!

What are Scrundies?
Scrundies is the nickname for Scrundlewear, a ladies underwear pattern. This is also our most popular pattern.
Is there a Scrundlewear pattern for kids?
How do I print the pattern?
You’ll find printing instructions in each pattern. You should open the pattern in Adobe Reader (download the free version if you don’t have it already), note which pages you’d like to print by checking page 2, click ‘print’.
Make sure you select “size” then “custom scale 100%” OR “actual size” and “auto portrait/landscape”.
Follow the instructions in the pattern for piecing the pages together.
Where do I find fabric requirements?
Each pattern has a Quick Page Reference on page 2, look there for which page has “fabric” or “fabric requirements” on it.
What kind of fabric can I use for your patterns?
Most of our patterns require knit fabrics but the info specific to each pattern is in the listing and/or the title page.
Do I need to have a serger to sew knits?
No, you don’t. You can use your regular sewing machine to sew knits. Check your owner’s manual for which stitches work well for stretch fabrics. Almost all machines have a zig zag stitch, that is my go-to stretch stitch. You just have to shorten the stitch length (bringing the zigs and zags closer together), be sure that you are sewing using the proper seam allowance, and tim off the seam allowance after each step.