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  1. Ohh this is going to be so bad for my bank account!!!! Lol

  2. It’s BAD making me see all these sites I will now have to make purchases from. Thank you… I think

  3. Congratulations on reaching such a great mile stone and thank you so much for all you do for us!!

  4. Thank You so much for this amazing Giveaway! And Congrats on making it to 15k members!

  5. hmm its not checking done and ive shared for the 10 bonus entries am i missing something?

  6. I have really enjoyed learning more about sewing from your Facebook page and so excited to start on the patterns I bought!

  7. I am in love with all of your patterns thus far, can’t wait to see even more in the future!

  8. Congratulations on such a strong milestone!
    Question: I shared the giveaway, but I don’t see a way to select “done” or to add my extra 10 entries. I must be missing something. Any suggestions?

  9. Hildur Sonja Gudmundsdottir April 14, 2016 at 2:18 pm Reply

    Your patterns have never failed and are so easy to follow with their clear directions. Looking forward to see what you have in store for the next patterns!

  10. I love these patterns. THANK YOU for the FREE Magnolia… big help to those of us outside the US.

    By the time I paid the conversion fee and the overseas bank charge, the cost was the same as full price. WHAT a delight to have the discount and free pattern mean I paid the same as anyone purchasing in the US…..



  11. OH bugger…. I’ve already spent my sewing allowance and just noticed you now have the Scrundlewear in KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AWESOME!! Something to save up for now….

    Aussie Aussie Aussie hoi hoi hoi

  12. Love the patterns I have tried so far… I need to find more time to try out the 3 newest patterns I have bought, but I suspect they will be just as fabulous to use as the others!

  13. I buy the pattern Cardigan Tutorial add-on for HOODsie – HOODsie Cardigan Add On but i don’t have a pattern piece, just instructions???

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