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Merryweather, V Neck, Loose Fit

Merryweather Pattern Release

StitchJunkies! It’s been a while, as we all know life can get busy and with the holiday season life gets even more busy. Thankfully figuring out what to wear for each family gathering and New Year’s party won’t be something you’re preoccupied with! The Merryweather Pattern is the perfect addition to your wardrobe right in time for […]


7 Tips to Dress to Flatter Your Body

Stitch Junkies! All of you I’m sure have been through the nightmare that is clothing shopping. You spend hours looking for clothes, and then you try them on just to find out they squeeze you at your worst, hang off you at your slimmest and overall make you feel the opposite of glamorous. It’s very […]


Thank You Thanksgiving

Stitch Junkies! November is here, for my neck of the woods that means Thanksgiving is coming. The month of gratitude, turkey crafts, and feasts. I on the other hand am planning a spin on this Thanksgiving and hope you join! I see so many people on Facebook doing “Thankful Challenges” where they list x amount of things […]

Kid's Scrundlewear Title Page

Kid’s Scrundlewear Pattern (Finally!)

The beautiful Scrundlewear Pattern you already know and love, turned into a kid’s pattern? Too good to be true? Think again! When Stitch Upon a Time sees a problem, Stitch Upon a Time comes up with a solution. For quite a while now, we’ve seen comments back and forth about scaling down the adult Scrundlewear […]


Using Your Sewing Time to Make More

Stitch Junkies! Last week we talked about finding more sewing time within your already filled schedule. We’ll be talking today about better ways to use the time that you found to make more pieces. We all know that once you make one Stitch Upon a Time pattern, you almost need to make another right away! […]