Pixie Top & Dress


Pixie is the girls version of the Titania pattern for women.
Regular Width- This width is slightly snug at the chest and then flowing loosely from the waist down.
Slim Width- This width is snug but not tight.
Regular Length- This is a normal shirt length, with the hem just covering the back pockets.
Tunic Length- Tunic length falls to about the fingers, when the arms are straight at the sides.
Dress Length- Dress length falls to the middle of the knee.
Regular Back- This version back has the same shape as the front.
X Back- The X Back forms an X across the back with the fabric connecting between the shoulder blades.
Neck Flounce- Add the flounce to the neck to make your top even more unique.
Shelf Bra- Add a shelf bra for ease and comfort- great for when making a swimsuit!

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