Do you want to sew but don’t know where to begin? For me, sewing is a form of therapy that soothes my soul in a very real way. When you’re stressed, overwhelmed, sad, or any other undesirable emotion, focusing on sewing is a form of meditation that can help to calm the mind and bring peace. Our desire is that you will leave our sewing classes with more sewing knowledge and also a more healthy mind.

Our sewing classes are located in Marshall, Michigan

Browse the classes listed below. Click on the listing for more detailed information and to reserve your seat. All students ages 8 to 200 are welcome to all classes!

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Sewing Cafe- All Sewing Levels

Level 1: Brand New/Beginner Classes

Beginner’s Sewing Class- Pillowcase or Pin Cushion

Level 2: Confident Beginner Classes

Zippered Bag

Simple Knit Pants- Leggings or Joggers

Level 3: Intermediate Classes


Level 4: Advanced Classes