Creating a Reversible Treasure Hunt Skirt

By Mary Cheddie

Talk about a real treasure! The Treasure Hunt Skirt pattern is the BOMB!!! So many options! When I was making my first version, all I could think of is how to make it reversible. You see, I normally travel for work and luggage space is a premium since I dislike checking bags. I have many tops that are reversible, and they are invaluable. So, naturally, I found a quick and simple way to make the A-line version of the Treasure Hunt skirt reversible!

I’m so honored to be able to show you how simple this is to make!

Start by selecting two different fabrics (and buying enough of each to make a skirt from each fabric). Ideally, you should select fabrics of similar content and stretch. I stress, purchase enough fabric for each skirt as it took me three times to the fabric store to do exactly that – and seriously, that should be the easiest part of the entire process! I ended up selecting the black with yellow/red/green/blue leaf print of lyocell and spandex. The yellow is a heavier weight ploy spandex (that kinda feels like the really old fashioned “double knit” that didn’t stretch). I guess I was taken back to my Waldorf College (now University) days as our traveling basketball team uniforms were yellow/gold and purple double knit. School colors. Go Warriors!!

NOTE: you will want to think about thread colors for each seam you sew. I used black thread for some seams, yellow thread for some seams, and yellow upper loopers and black lower loopers (bobbin) for some seams. Think before you sew. How will this look? What look do you want? Since I was making this reversible skirt for work, I wanted a conservative look – otherwise, I would have used the Ferrari car colors and had a lot of fun!! (red, yellow, green).

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Pre-wash both fabrics then using the SUAT Treasure Hunt skirt pattern, cut out the skirt pieces for each of the two fabrics. Kinda like you are making two separate skirts. 

Cutting out the Waistband pieces. The pattern calls for ½” seams. The waistband measured 4” wide, divided in half, plus ½” = 2.5”. Cut out a waistband from each fabric that is 2.5” wide.

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Now you are ready to start sewing!

Sew the side seams of the first skirt (rights sides together). Then sew the side seams of the second skirt (rights sides together). At this point, it still feels like you are making two separate skirts.

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Pin or clip the top of each waistband piece together (right sides together).

I learned a great tip that I always use in waistbands now. I sew a ¼” think piece of elastic inside the top of the waistband. This is not required, but I find it provides for a better fit and helps stabilize the waistband. This is a very simple step and I believe adds so much to the garment!

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Whilst sewing the top of the two waistbands together, insert a piece of ¼” elastic. Do not cut the elastic and do not stretch it. The elastic just lays on the fabric (but must be stitched in with your machine). The elastic should go from end to end (or 1/2” from each end for the seam allowance). Sew. You could also serge this.

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Once the top of the waistband pieces are sewn together with the added elastic, this is how it should look.

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Now you are ready to sew the center back seam of the waistband. Since the skirt only has side seams, this could be a side seam. I prefer to place the seam in the back so I don’t have to think about which is the front or back. With this pattern, the front and the back are the same so it makes no difference. 

Turn the waist band so that rights sides out and wrong sides are facing each other. Top stitch the top seam of the waistband. For the top stitching, I used yellow on the uppers and black for the lower on my coverstitch.

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If you are a beginner, then I recommend that you baste the bottom of the waistband (I did not baste). The basting provides stability when clipping the waistband to BOTH skirts.

Take each skirt and mark/clip/pin at each side seam and again halfway between each side seam. Take your ONE waistband and clip/pin it in half, and then halfway again. Now both skirts and the waistband are marked for even placement. 

Place the yellow right side skirt to the yellow right side waistband and clip/pin. Start by clipping the sides then the halfway marks. Then clip the rest of the yellow skirt to the waistband gently easing (stretching) the waistband as needed to match the skirt. Whew….one side clipped.

Next, line up the black skirt right side to the black waistband right side. Match the half and quarter clips on the skirt to the waistband. Then clip/pin the rest of the black skirt to the waistband gently stretching (easing) as needed to match the skirt. 

Stitch. As you are stitching, pay special attention to all layers of fabric to ensure you don’t grab fabric that was not intended to be stitched. Breathe as you are stitching. Breathe… got this!

Now take a look. You are almost done and see, not too hard – right!!!

Hemming. I hemmed the yellow first. Then clipped the black hem. I then held up the skirt to make sure one color wasn’t popping out below the other (although with the right fabrics this would be an awesome look)!! 

I then tried on the skirt to ensure the hems were pretty close to even with each other. I made a few adjustments and with thread changes, I used black thread only to hem the black skirt.

Total sewing time (including many thread changes): 1 hour

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Finished product. And guess what! My yellow/black top is reversible too! With this skirt and top, I have four different outfits to wear. If I’m careful during a week of travel these two pieces are all I need plus accessories and a jacket or scarf. I’m packing my bags now with a much lighter suitcase!

Enjoy! I hope you will try this and I cannot wait to see your take on the reversible SUAT Treasure Hunt skirt!

Happy sewing! Happy creating!

-Mary Cheddie

3 thoughts on “Creating a Reversible Treasure Hunt Skirt

  1. Darlene says:

    You might save yourself some grief if you’ll sew the skirt together at the hem, right sides together, Iron open the seam, flip it right sides out, top stitch so you don’t have one side showing on the opposite side (unless that’s what you’d like it to do). THEN, apply the waistband to the skirts. And top stitch waistband at the waist so it not only closes the waistband, but makes it lay flat. (just “stitch in the ditch”).

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