How to: A Sleeveless Emerald Isle!

As the weather warms up, all the tank tops begin to come out.

So I figured I would show you a simple hack to turn the new Emerald Isle Tee pattern in to a sleeveless top (hoodie or no hoodie).

This will work for just about any basic tee pattern as well.

The first thing you are going to do is lay out both the front and back of your bodice pieces, folded in half. You can even stack them on top of each other to do this so you only have to cut one time if you’d prefer.

You will then trim a 1″ strip from the armscye. You can draw a line where you will cut before hand as well.

Once you have done this, go ahead and sew your shoulder and side seams on the bodice.

Next, you will need to measure that opening with a cloth measuring tape (to easily measure along the curve). You can measure just the front or back and then double the number.

Once you take that measurement, multiply the number by .85.

This will give youth length you need your finished arm band to be.

One you do this, add 1″ to your number to include seam allowance.

You will then cut two strips of fabric 3″ wide by the length of the measurement you just calculated.

You will now play our arm band pieces with the right sides facing and align the short ends. Then, sew the short ends together.

Fold the bands with the wrong sides facing once you have sewn the short ends so that the seams are enclosed and the right sides are facing out.

Then, place the band over the armscye and stretch evenly. Pin or clip the band to the bodice.

Next, sew around the raw edge of the band, ensuring you do not stretch the bodice as you go.

Then flip your band out and, optionally, topstitch the band.

Repeat these steps to attach the other armband and you have a sleeveless Emerald Isle top!

I look forward to seeing all of your Emerald Isle makes! Be sure to tag us on Instagram and share with us on Facebook!

Happy Sewing!

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