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I’ve had my DIYStyle cutting system for almost a year now and I’m just as in love with it now as I was when I first received it. “To be honest, I expected a “regular” cutting mat only with the added magnetic feature but what I received has really impressed me…” In case you missed it, you can read more about my experience with it here and here. My love for DIYStyle and their products is why it was so easy for me to say “YES” when asked to join this party!

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“How many sewing machines do you have?” Feel free to brag!


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244 thoughts on “Day 9: 10 DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS with DIYStyle

  1. Michele T says:

    I only have one sewing machine and I’d love to have a spare… I think I’d go crazy if it broke down! We live about 4 hours away from the city to have it fixed or serviced.

  2. Sharon Ezzo says:

    I currently have 4 machines: Pfaff Embroidery, Janome Sewing, Viking/Husqvarna Serger, still have my 1st Kenmore sewing machine, which I use for travel, and now I’m waiting on a Janome Coverstitch which I just ordered last week… so excited it should be here Tuesday!! .

  3. Julia Jones says:

    I have 5, a sewing machine, a back up sewing machine, a serger, a old singer machine and a brand new embroidery machine Santa brought me 😉

  4. Tamar Pfeiffer says:

    I have three machines. One that was a wedding present from my grandma. One that is handed down from my husband’s grandma (my daughter uses that one). And a serger.

  5. Robyn Taylor says:

    I have two sewing machines. I had to have my Viking in for service and was in the middle of a major project that couldn’t be delayed, so I got the Brother quilting sewing machine at Costco. I don’t like it nearly as much, but it is a decent machine, and I decided to keep the Viking to sew with cotton thread only (since I have all the bobbins with cotton thread) and the Brother to sew with synthetic thread only, since my couple of bobbins have synth. thread on them right now.

  6. Amanda Cox says:

    I have 3 machines. A sewing/embroidery machine, serger, and coverstitch. I’m looking into industrial for bag making.

  7. Margaret Aldich says:

    I am a lover of machines, old and new, 9 sewing machine includes 3 very old ones.
    I just love my sergers, Judi and babylock Triumph.

  8. Donna E. says:

    I have 4 machines in the house: 1960-70 Singer that was my mom’s, my 1985 Kenmore 12 stitch, and a Brother sewing machine. As well as, a Brother 1034D serger.

  9. Megon Kraftenberg says:

    I have a simple sewing machine, a quality sewing machine, a serger, and I just got a coverstitch for Christmas.

  10. Joanne Roots-Rochon says:

    I have a Babylock, 2 Kenmores, a vintage Singer, 2 older Singer sergers, a Pfaff 3.0 coverstitch and a Brother Innovis embroidery machine.

  11. Amy Smith says:

    I downsized a little so now I have a vintage treadle Howe, vintage singer, Viking plain sewing machine, 2 Viking Embrodiery machines, Viking Mega quilter and a singer serger. My kids think I should downsize more.

  12. Marina Guimaraes says:

    A sewing machine, a serger, a coverstitch and a beautiful Singer Featherweight that used to belong to my grandmother 😊

  13. Elicia says:

    I have 9- 5 vintage Pfaffs, a vintage Domestic, vintage zig-zag unbranded, a Singer industrial, and a modern Kenmore!
    10 if you count my serger !

  14. Leigh2e says:

    two. A Brother Pacesetter from 2003 that is the best machine. The thing has traveled the US and has never given me any trouble. And I just got a cheap brother serger so that I could start learning to serge. I’ll get a better one at some point, but this is perfect for now.

  15. Haley says:

    Very fortunate to have 3 machines. I have my very first basic machine from 2003, a serger my grandma gifted to me, and a coverstitch I got with insurance monies after a deer totaled my car. It took a while to build up my menagerie and I couldn’t be happier. Still considering a second serger so I can have a black thread and white thread ready to go.

  16. shelba says:

    Currently 7 machines, many of which are a little older and parts take time to receive when something just wears out. Each has a strength and a weakness, so they sew this or that type of project better than the others.

  17. Karen Kirkland says:

    1 standard brother sewing machine, and my new Xmas pressie brother overlocker which I’m itching to use once the household is back to normal routine after Xmas and new year!

  18. Carrie M. says:

    I have a Kenmore that I have had for 12 years. While it was In the shop recently, my sister gifted me a quilting machine. So I have two total.

  19. Melissa McNerney says:

    I have about 20 sewing machines at last count. Itnused to br closer to 50 machines but I downsized in January of 2019. I’m a VSM collector so more than half of my collection are older sewing machines. I have 2 Brother Sergere, 1 industrial serger, 1 Brother coverstitch, 2 Husqvarna Vikings and 1 Singer Embroidery, plus a semi-industrial walking foot machine.

  20. Mary Jane Goode says:

    I have a singer sewing machine, a baby lock serger, and a brother cover stitch machine. I am blessed as I enjoy my new life’s journey.

  21. Julia wilson says:

    I have one sewing machine given to me by my grandmother when she could no longer sew. And one serger which I got an amazing deal on marketplace after someone used it once but couldn’t figure it out and didn’t have time for it.

  22. Sylvia Sayre says:

    I currently own 5 machines, a Pfaff 545 industrial, a Janome MyLock 734d, a Sears Kenmore 158.141, a Singer Heavy Duty 23 stitch, and lastly a Singer Quantum Stylist touch 😊

  23. Ginny Fee says:

    I have 4 different machines, including a vintage singer(embroidery,serger etc) Looking at getting an inexpensive baby lock to teach my grand babies to sew on😀

  24. Rebecca L Callaghan says:

    I have 2 sergers, a coverstitch, an embroidery machine, 1 computerized Brother, my favorite Kenmore vintage workhorse and my great grandmother’s Singer treadle that I learned to sew on over 65 years ago

  25. Crystal Lee says:

    1 sewing machine, 1 sewing/embroidery machine, 1 serger, and a 16 needle embroidery machine. I would love love love a coverstitch…maybe this year!

  26. Chris Gaffron says:

    I have over 50 sewing machines, 3 commercial 15 needle embroidery machines, 4 sergers, 2 industrial sewing machines.. Most of my machines are vintage and all are working, not slacking.

  27. Karina Petersen says:

    I’ve got 3 in total. A medion overlocker, Brother innov-is 200 serger and a Janome cover pro 2000 cpx coverstitch

  28. Kyle says:

    6 – 2 embroidery machines, 2 sergers, a coverstitch and my workhorse a 37YO kenmore sewing machine! I manufacture children’s clothing (and some Mommas) and sell online 🙂

  29. goonyburd says:

    8 or 9? Let’s see – I have so many I have to list them. Janome MC4400, Brother SE_350, Babylock Jazz, 2 Singer treadles, 2 Elna’s (one for parts), another Janome for sale, and I think one more.

  30. Faith says:

    Just 2. They’re both Whites. I got the first one in 1976 (but declined the Bicentennial-themed option) and the second one just a few years ago. It’s even older, but I don’t know when it was made. It came, in its cabinet, from the local Habitat ReStore and set me back $15. I cleaned it up and got some new feet and belts, and it’s great.

  31. Tina Watson says:

    I have 20 straight stitch machines (most are vintage in the wooden tables, a treadle machine, a few vintage in suit case type cases and 2 newer table top ones), 1 table top serger, 2 commercial sergers, 1 cover stitch and 1 embroidery machine and yes they all work. I think i have a

  32. Linda Shurlow says:

    I have 5 sewing machines and 1 serger. One machine was my mother’s and is the one I learned to sew on. I also have 2 machines (I didn’t count) that I was given to teach 4-Hers to sew that are currently at my local library where I teach sewing.

  33. Sarah Polzak says:

    I have 2 that I use and one serger…. But there are a few others that are old and just around, and only a few of those are in working condition…. 6 maybe just around here and there… And 2 of those work….

  34. Heather Luben says:

    I have 5…my “good” sewing machine, a serger and a cover stitch, a backup sewing machine and one I use for teaching kids.

  35. Sarah Nuttall says:

    I have a Janome sewing machine, a brother Sewing/embroidery machine, a serger, and a coverstitch. 🙊 I also DON’T have room for all of them at a time so I’m constantly rotating them!

  36. Meredith Bridges says:

    old bernina electric, serger, coverstitch, heavy juki 1541, and my mom is holding a featherweight and singer slant needle for me as well — so 6 machines for me…. I’ve never counted before!

  37. Debra Plyler says:

    5: I just purchased a Juki coverstitch for my Christmas present. I have a Bernina 930 record that is my main sewing machine, a Kenmore that is an antique at this point that I don’t use but started sewing on, a Bernette 234 that runs smoothly,and a Bernina artista that I have never really used.

  38. Kelly Bowen Fredericks says:

    Not sure if my comment loaded or not. Sorry if this is a duplicate. I have 3 sewing/embroidery machines, one serger and a 1928 singer sewing machine. Needs restoring.

  39. Sherril Miller says:

    I have a Singer 221-1 featherweight, a Singer 66 red-eye treadle, 3 Singer 500a sewing machines, a Singer 301 beige long bed, a Bernina 170, a red 1976 Viking Husqvarna, a 1950s pink Kenmore, , a Morse Photomatic 4400, and 2 1969 Singer Genie Machines, plus a Bablylock coverstich and a Juki Pearl MO 654-DE serger. I think that is 14 machines.

  40. Faye Morrison says:

    I have a broken machine to use for parts, plus a treadle I plan to learn to use, a featherweight I scored last year, one machine in the shop, 3 antiques I alternate depending on the project, one coverlock, 2 sergers of which one needs repair, and one coverlock/serger. My newest machine was made in 2004. Do you think it’s time for me to upgrade?

  41. Elizabeth Kelemen says:

    I have a serger, coverstitch, basic janome and a vintage 50s brother. My vintage is aqua and beautiful!!! I’m looking for a treadle to add to my collection. 😁

  42. Vanessa says:

    I have 3 sewing machines. One old foot and hand in its own table, and two newer. All three work and I love each one desperately.

  43. Sabrina Shortt says:

    I have 2 sewing machines and 2 overlockers! One of each is industrial and I have an embroidery machine. I am in the process of convincing my husband that i need another sewing machine!!

  44. Jenny Naylor says:

    I have a total of 11 machines. 2 commercial sewing machines, 2 Singer vintage sewing machines, a serger, an embroidery machine, 3 non digital 1960 -70s domestic sewing machines, a 10 year old digital Singer sewing machine, and my newest sewing machine only 3 months old is a Juki digital sewing machine that has all the bells and whistles 😊

  45. jan schrock says:

    1 serger/coverstitch, 1 vintage sewing machine, 1 newish sewing machine, 1 upholstery machine, 1 embroidery machine 😁

  46. Adena Foster says:

    I have a total of 8 – 1 really vintage regular machine, 3 older regular machines, 3 sergers, and 1 coverstitch.

  47. Silvia Alario says:

    I have six. two sergers, one embroidery, one coverstitch, two sewing that I use regularly. A couple of more in cabinets not used.

  48. Lorrie K says:

    I have 3 machines a husqvarna viking, one is a vintage machine i purchased at a yard sale that sews like a charm and the other machine is a serger

  49. Trisha says:

    I have one sewing machine and one serger. Though I still currently have possession of my mom’s extra, but I have to get it back to her 🙂

  50. Elizabeth says:

    I have 2 sergers, 2 embroidery machines, 3 working treadle machines, unknown # of machines in the process of being refurbed, 8-10 Singers and Kenmores from the 1940s-70s, 1 portable modern Brother and 2 industrial machines. 28-32 in total. It’s sort of a sickness. 😀

  51. sewinggirl1 says:

    Have my Mom’s vintage Singer where I learned to sew and then several others: sit-down quilter, 2 sergers, 2 computerized embroidery machines, and my first 2 machines that are 40+ years old.

  52. Sandra Sawyer says:

    I have 8 machines but not all of them work, some are vintage. I have 4 different machines that I use on a regular basis.

  53. Pam Campbell says:

    I have a Bernina 930, a Bernina 440, a Bernina 730e, and was gifted a Bernina 1010. So, that’s four sewing machines.

  54. Elaine Snyder says:

    I have 5 sewing machines one treddle machine, one antique sewing machine,and two Bernina sewing machines and a Janine embroidery machine.

  55. Carol says:

    I currently have 1 sewing machine and 1 serger! This excites me as I was recently able to give away a sewing machine that was gifted to me that I hadn’t used! Yay!!!

  56. Terri Shaver says:

    4. 1. My first REAL machine, a Husvarna from 1980. My tried and true workhorse. 2. An original HuskyLock serger from about 1988. One of the very first home sergers. A bear to thread. 3. A Janome Horizon, a more recent purchase in the past 5 years and 4. A Janome 1000cpx Coverstitch machine.

  57. Deborah says:

    I have 4 working sewing machines, 1 serger and to vintage sewing machines – one pretty Singer and my great, grandmother’s White sewing machine from the 40’s that I am hoping to give a tune-up to these year so I can sew on it too!

  58. Lynn Jackson says:

    I have 13 total, a treadle, an embroidery, two sergers, two featherweights and seven vintage machines that I use at least four of them on a regular basis.

  59. Gena says:

    3 that I use all the time, sewing machine, serger, embroidery machine, 5 various vintage and antique machines sitting in the basement

  60. Judith Martinez says:

    I have two sewing machines, a vintage Elna (with a ton of cams) and a 16 year old huskystar. I also have a brand new overlock machine that’s still in the box. I won it and haven’t made room for it yet.

  61. Teena says:

    I have 6.
    1- My first sewing machine from when I was 17. ~30yo
    2- Mums sewing machine. ~20 yo
    3- Mums overlocker. ~20 yo
    4- my sewing machine ~ 6yo
    5- my overlocker ~ 6yo
    6- my coverstitch ~ 20yo
    And I love them all. The only one that I don’t use regularly is my No 1 machine

  62. Diane Williams says:

    I have a 40-year-old sewing machine I bought while I was in college, a 20-year-old sewing machine that was my mother’s, a 26-year-old serger I bought when my boys were little and another one exactly like it I bought on E-bay.

  63. Rebecca Michaud-Beck says:

    I have 4 machines, one I inherited- a vintage white- I also have a brother sewing machine, a pe770, and a brother 1043d.

  64. Samantha Villalon says:

    I have 3, my Janome sewing machine my husband bought me when we got married, my Brother Serger that my mom got for my birthday and this Christmas my kids all put in and got me a Brother Coverstitch.

  65. LauraJR says:

    I have a total of 12 machines. One serger, 2 Brother Embroidery Combos, 1 Babylock Emb. combo, 1 Consew commercial, 2 treadles (a Davis Vertical my daughter bought for me from the daughter of the original owner, and, a Singer Coffin top from my late FIL), and a combination of 5 vintage Kenmores and Singers (just because). I am hoping to get the treadle Singer running next spring once I secure it from my late FIL’s basement. I just sent the big emb. machine for an update and new hoops. I am going to teach my oldest daughter to use the embroidery machine and she will eventually take the Babylock. I use the Consew for quilting.

  66. N. MacGregor says:

    I have 1 sewing machine and 1 serger that I currently use but I am hoping to replace with newer versions in the near future. I also have several antique machines that are in storage that I never plan to use cuz they are family heirlooms.

  67. Nellene Jooste says:

    I have quite a few. 4 sewing machines, 1 overlocker and 1 embroidery machine.
    A 1921 Singer with treadle that I found in very good condition in an old farmhouse. A 1963 Bernina that I inherited from my monther-in-law. My first own first Bernina (1996) and a new Pfaff. Then there is my Elna overlocker and a Bernette emboirdery machine. Guess my hobby…!!!

  68. Jennifer N says:

    I have 2 machines. One modern singer and the other is one of the old foot mechanism. It’s in working order too, minus the cable needs replacing 🙁

  69. Barbara Prochniak says:

    I probably have about 25 machines, including treadles, quilting long-arm and sergers. Call me a sewing machine geek. 🙂

  70. Jeanette Spriggs says:

    I have 2 sewing machines and 3 sergers, but 1 machine and 2 of my sergers don’t work and are on their way to be hopefully be fixed and then donated

  71. Vicki Lantz says:

    I have 2 – one is my mom’s Singer from the 50’s, and the other is a Brother that I got for Christmas a few years ago.

  72. Katie says:

    I have three machines: a 28 year old serger, a 39 year old Kenmore bolted into my sewing cabinet, and a 70s Singer gifted to me as my “traveling” machine.

  73. Janet Ford says:

    I have 6 sewing machines ranging from vintage 19th century singers through solid Scandinavia workhorses to my new fab amazing Juki plus a janome cover stitch and two over lockers.. any one short of a machine? Jan xxx

  74. Pantera Golden says:

    I have 5 sewing machines (3 in working condition: one vintage, one industrial and one super basic) a serger and a cover stitch.

  75. Sandra Williams says:

    I have 5 working sewing machines. A Bernina 770 QE, Bernina serger, My original sewing machine, a Kenmore. My Mothers Singer featherweight, and a New National hand crank from 1890. Yes it still works. I recently sold my Phaff hobby, Bernina Artista 165, and a Bernina 830.

  76. Katy reid says:

    I have 9 give or take with a fondness for all steel vintage machines. My favorite being a Bernina Record. Other honorable mentions are a singer featherweight, White 670 Teal in color and my new Husqvarna Emerald. I also have a Kenmore machine for my kids, a piedmont machine, a surger and a Nechi mirra but it not working and lastly an elna Supermatic.

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