Pocket Tutorial for Brazi and Other Skirt/Dress Patterns


I don’t know about you guys, but I love dresses with pockets. Pockets in a dress are cute, they are functional and they give me some place to put my hands! Every dress I’ve seen never looks like a pocket dress, but if you’re lucky BAM! Reach your hands down and you now have added convenience to a cute simple dress. In all honesty though, not enough dresses have pockets, but because you stitch junkies are sew handy you can now add them to your favorite Brazi dress in a snap! So who’s with me? First, download the SUAT Pocket piece, print and cut it out.

To add pockets, all you need is:
Your skirt pieces cut out
The “SUAT Pocket” piece
Some scrap fabric from the skirt fabric

Easy enough right?!


Step 1

Measure 7″ down from the top of both Skirt pieces.
Mark at 7″ on all 4 sides. (Where the metal stick is pointing in the picture.)



Step 2

Cut out 4 Pocket pieces (2 mirrored sets)
Pin/Clip each Pocket piece to the Skirt with RSF. The top of the Pocket should be at the 7″ mark.
Repeat for all 4 Pocket pieces.



Step 3

Use the 1/2″ seam allowance to sew the Pockets to the Skirt.
Repeat for all 4 Pocket pieces.



Step 4

Flip the Pocket piece over the seam allowance and pin it to the seam allowance.
Repeat for all 4 Pocket pieces.



Step 5

Sew the pocket to the seam allowance where pinned.
Repeat for all 4 Pocket pieces.


Step 6 (optional)

Throw yourself a little party and pat yourself on the back, you just did an under stitch! This will prevent the silly inside-out floppy pocket look and will keep the side seam looking crisp and flat.


Step 7

Pin/Clip the Skirt/Pocket pieces together on both sides.



Step 8

Sew the Skirt/Pocket pieces together, making sure to use a 1/2″ seam allowance. 
You’ll be sewing around the curves of the pocket so go slowly. Unless you like weird wonky shaped pockets 😉



Step 9

Turn right side out and proceed to “oooo and ahh” over your newly fashioned dress pockets! Then wear, flaunt, and maybe brag about your pocket abilities! Most of all, share with us in the Facebook group where everyone understands your hard work and appreciates it! 😉

This pocket tutorial can be used with just about any skirt or dress pattern that has side seams. You will have to adjust the location of the pocket, depending on where the waist of your dress/skirt pattern falls.



1 thoughts on “Pocket Tutorial for Brazi and Other Skirt/Dress Patterns

  1. Chrissy says:

    Thanks! I’m trying to make Brazis today and the pocket will make a great addition! Is the suat pocket pattern somewhere I didn’t see a link.

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