Prepare your Life to Fit in More Sewing

We’ve covered the basics of making your sewing time more efficient. Today we’ll talk about making your¬†everyday tasks more pliable to fit in sewing time. Here are few tips I use to help clear out some time in my day ūüôā

Tip 1: Make a to-do list

Make a list of things you want or need to get done in your day. Don’t over write this list, but don’t under write it either. You want to feel accomplished yet not overwhelmed if you can’t get to everything. A typical list I¬†make for myself ¬†looks like this.


Tip 2: Reward yourself 

When you’ve gotten a few things done, give yourself time to do something for you. Log on and figure out which pattern you want, or print and tape the one you’ve already picked out.

Tip 3: Prep your other tasks to take less time

Dinner, we all have to eat, but cutting out some time that it takes to make dinner can really help open up free time! Some thing I often do is¬†meal planning for the week ahead, then there’s no uncertainty of what to make each day. The other tip I’ve always been inspired to do was prepping every fruit and vegetable that I can right after getting groceries. In theory this saves so much time when dinner-making time comes. All you have to do is throw the right amount of ingredients in at the right time.

Tip 4: (this is the biggest one) Ask for time for yourself

I cannot stress how often I feel I’ve done so much around the house and feel I deserve some quiet time from the kids to do whatever it is I want. But the reality of the situation is my husband and kids aren’t mind readers, they¬†have no idea that Ive been craving alone time if I¬†haven’t told them or expressed it. It’s so important to¬†express your needs/wants, letting them build to the point of taking time or demanding it doesn’t help anyone. The more time you can responsibly take for yourself to do something productive, the better you will feel when you come back. No longer will you have the feelings of weight on your shoulders from a project needing finished, or incomplete from not getting time to accomplish your own goals.

So there you have it Stitch Junkies, part 3 of the time efficiency posts! Did this help you at all, do you have any tips you follow to get and use your time more efficiently?


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