Using Your Sewing Time to Make More

Stitch Junkies! Last week we talked about finding more sewing time within your already filled schedule. We’ll be talking today about better ways to use the time that you found to make more pieces. We all know that once you make one Stitch Upon a Time pattern, you almost need to make another right away! On to the time efficiency tips we go!

Print and Piece 

Wait to download your pattern until you have a few more minutes to print and piece it together. The next time you sit down to sew, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of already ready patterns. You’ll thank yourself for getting this technical aspect out of the way when you sit down to work the next portion of the piece.

Cut Cut Cut!

If you’re making multiples of something, like Scrundlewear, do all of your cutting at once. Cut each Waistband, Back, Front, etc., all at one time. Again, you’ll thank yourself when you proceed to pinning.

Get it Together!

Gather everything you’re going to need for each piece ahead of time, that includes buttons, thread colors, needles, elastics, stretch lace, interfacings, whatever it is you’ll need to make this piece. Having everything already around and ready will save you valuable time later.


If you’re working multiple of the same garments or multiple familiar garments (i.e patterns you already sewed and know well), do each step together. That means cut all at once, iron all at once, and pin all at once. Once it comes time to sew, you’ll be finishing multiple pieces at a time.

I like it, I love it!

When making multiple garments at once, place them in order from like to love. Start with the projects you like first, leaving your loved piece for last. Doing this maintains the ability to learn tips and tricks as you go without  feeling like you ruined or wasted your favorite fabric. It also provides the incentive to finish all of your steps before moving on. You can decide a favorite on many different characteristics, a favorite fabric, a favorite pattern, a new alteration you’re excited for, whatever you love about that piece specifically!

Sew it! 

Sew all at once. If you’re super efficient you could choose a fabric color group that will all work with one color thread so there’s no need for switching. If that’s not the case, just switch as you go and if you get interrupted make sure to start the next thread before walking away. That way you’re already ready and can pick up right where you left off.


Now that your piece is together, go through and snip all of the threads if you haven’t already done that while sewing. And you’re done! Give your self a gold sticker for finding more sewing time and using it to the best of your advantage.

Do you guys have any ‘order of operations’ tips that help you save time? Share them below!




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