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Jack’s Joggers With Expandable Cuffs Create Sustainable Sewing

  When I learned to sew for my daughter in the late 80’s, we made woven cotton dresses.  Since children often grow more vertically than horizontally, we put deep hems in those little dresses, so they could be let out lest their panties show.  Times have changed, and we now have the wonder of knits, […]

Make any T-Shirt Pattern Maternity Friendly in 2 Easy Steps

T-Shirts are a staple in most maternity wardrobes. But at the price of $20 or more for a simple solid colored one, who can afford more than 1 or 2? If you have a t-shirt pattern that fit you well before pregnancy and about a yard of knit fabric, at $6.50 per yard here, you […]

Merryweather Pattern Release

StitchJunkies! It’s been a while, as we all know life can get busy and with the holiday season life gets even more busy. Thankfully figuring out what to wear for each family gathering and New Year’s party won’t be something you’re preoccupied with! The Merryweather Pattern is the perfect addition to your wardrobe right in time for […]