Adjusting Men’s Underwear Patterns for a more Roomy Pouch

For most people, the men’s Boxerwear and Grundlewear patterns will fit and feel comfortable as written. But some people find that the pouch is too tight and adjusting the Front pieces for a more roomy pouch is a simple process. The photos below are from the Grundlewear Briefs pattern but the process is the same […]

Arcadia Joggers with a double welt pocket

Happy Winter morning to you from a sunny but chilly New Mexico!  I have had this lovely thick bamboo blend fleece in my stash for over a year.  It was calling to me to be a pair of joggers that I could wear just about everywhere.  Planning to layer them over a pair of leggings […]

Seneca Sleeve Tie- a simple modification

  A great big sunshine-filled hello from New Mexico, in the southwestern part of the US.  I am Joan and I love sewing and sowing.  If I am not in the garden, I am behind a sewing machine, or preparing for (or experimenting in) one or the other.  Sewing since five, I feel lucky […]

Sewing Machine Giveaway for Day 4 of the Best. Party. Ever.

Welcome to the party! October 23-30 Best. Party. Ever.  Today is Day 4 of the event that’s a celebration of thanks. Each Day we’re doing something BIG as a way of thanking you all for your support. The three previous day’s goodies were: Day 1- 50% off all patterns through 10/30 Day 2- Design-a-Pattern contest […]

Are you sewing buttons correctly? Here’s how it should be done.

Have you ever done something a certain way and then realize after YEARS that you were doing it wrong all along? That was me with buttons. I’ve sewn hundreds of buttons on and it never fails that they end up falling off after multiple uses. Grab your projects because after you learn the correct way […]

Full Bust Adjustment for Swim and Sports Bras

There are many ways to adjust a sewing pattern for a full bust, as there are many different styles of bodice patterns. This tutorial will go over how to know if you need an FBA and how to create one on a snug pattern without darts. Do I Need a Full Bust Adjustment? Most sewing […]